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MeNu - Centre for Mindful eating and Nutrition

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Conference: 2ème Journée universitaire "Méditation, Soin et Santé"

Where: Sorbonne University, Faculty of Medicine - Paris

When: Friday, January 18, 2019

Guest speaker: Caroline Baerten

Register via the Sorbonne University website


English spoken
Overview of webinars on the website of The Center for Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating training - Brussels (ENGL)
In English!

9-session training based on the 'Mindful Eating, Conscious Living (ME-CL)' manual
(Written by J. Chozen Bays, MD and C. Wilkins, LCSW)


New dates in 2019

Where? Centre MeNu

1090 Brussels

Fee : € 370

  • 26 hours of training with 1 mindfulness meditation day
  • Book 'Mindful Eating. A Joyful Relationship with Food' written by Jan Chozen Bays M.D
  • Mindfulness meditations audio downloads and mindful eating exercises
  • Teas during the breaks

Teacher : Caroline Baerten
Certified Mindful Eating instructor (ME-CL and MBSR)

Mindful Compassion Training  (ENGL)


The training is based on ground-breaking research by Kristin Neff, integrated with the clinical perspective of Christopher Germer.  
Mindful Compassion training teaches core principles and practices that enable participants to respond to difficult moments in their lives with kindness, care and understanding.

An experience with mindfulness-based interventions or meditation is required to attend the Mindful Compassion training.
To insure safety, participants are asked to provide background information when they register for the course.
An intake form can be filled in online via the website of Institut Mindfulness

If you have any concerns about taking this course, please feel free to contact Caroline Baerten via  


€ 370 / 8 sessions and 1 full mindfulness day (in total 26 hours of teaching)


New dates in 2019

Where: Centre MeNu

1090 Brussels


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training ( MBSR ) -
Organised by Centre MeNu   

 Original MBSR curriculum as taught by Dr. J. Kabat - Zinn and Center for Mindfulness ( Umass, USA )

 In this 8 week training, participants learn the basic skills to better handle stress in everyday life .
 The stress -reducing method helps to break unbalanced habits
 The training is open to anyone, regardless of prior knowledge of mindfulness.
 The MBSR program may be a deepening experience for those who have followed a previous Mindful Eating training.

Where? Centre MeNu
Avenue Giele 20
1090 Brussels

When? New dates in 2019

Teacher : Caroline Baerten
 MBSR trainer by Center for Mindfulness, Umass, USA

 More information via
The course will be given in Dutch or English.

Mindful Eating and Mindfulness trainings are given by teachers meeting the criteria and
following the codes of conduct set for Mindfulness teachers network worldwide.

For those who want to deepen their mindfulness meditation practice on a regular basis. 

Gatherings every last saturday of the month, from 10AM till 01PM (with pot luck)
Centre MeNu
20, Avenue Giele
1090 Jette (N-Brussel)

More information and subscription, please contact
Laura Taelemans

Free contribution



The love for food and sustainability brought MeNu and Humus Botanical Gastronomy together.
A food expert and a qualified mindful chef provide a warm beacon in the city.
Locally grown vegetables and respect for tradition create a unique sensory experience where eyes, ears, hands and taste buds are addressed.
At their long table they like to share food and great stories about the farmers, natural wine makers and delicious cheeses. 


What: Introduction to 'Mindful Eating' by Caroline Baerten and Food pairing by Chef Nicolas Decloedt


Where: Restaurant Humus x Hortense

Rue de Vergnies Straat 2

1050 Brussels


New dates to be announced soon




Becoming a wine sommelier takes years of study, but the most important skill for savoring with all five senses is the ability to be completely in the moment. We can only identify the character and nuances of a wine, its grape varieties and terroir, when no conflicting thoughts disturb the tasting session. Mindfulness can thus be the facilitator to get detached of past events and future to-do's, and cultivating an open, curious mind (mushin) for new experiences.

During the Mindful Tasting Session participants learn skills to be fully present, taking in the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and sensations happening in the here and now. 


The session includes:

4 wines (bubbles, white, red, sweet wines)

4 food pairings


For more information, please contact