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MeNu - Centre for Mindful eating and Nutrition

Mindful eating in 9 sessions
Based on the programme 'Mindful Eating, Conscious Living', (ME-CL) designed by J. Bays, MD and C. Wilkins, LCSW

The overall aim of the program is to make you more aware about thoughts, feelings and sensations of hunger and satiety before, during and after a meal. It is about acquiring the skills to work with emotional, mental and physical processes that make you want to eat.

Through the program:

  • You will pay attention to the senses and experience the food in all its forms and colours, flavours and textures without stepping in the reactive cycle of desire and guilt or shame
  • You will gain mastery over your cravings, with the help of evidence-based excercises from the ME-CL manual;
  • You will explore the nine different kinds of hunger based on the concept of J. Bays, MD;
  • Your will increase your body awareness with as result a better recognition of satiety at an early stage and learning to distinguish the difference between emotional and physical hunger

During the program, we work with simple exercises designed to slow down in order to increase your level of self-awareness.
The body, breathing, feelings and thoughts are the main focus in this experiential-based training.

For who?

Mindful Eating 9 weeks training is aimed at people;

  • who are concerned about their eating habits or have a negative body image;
  • who want to break the chains of their destructive eating behaviour;
  • with a medical condition (diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, ...);
  • pre-and post bariatic surgery patients, learning to find fulfillment in smaller portion sizes;

General information

The training in group consists of 9 sessions (8 weekly meetings of 2.5 hours and 1 mindfulness day)
The training requires a weekly attendance in the class and a daily commitment of each participant in order to achieve maximum outcome after the training.

We work exclusively in small groups to guarantee the highest quality.

The training is not a stand alone treatment for physical or psychological problems.
For people with eating disorders MeNu will offer a customised Mindful Eating curriculum.
In case of severe eating disorders, there is always consultation with the physician and / or psychologist.
An intake is necessary, to explain the programme and examine the motivation of the participant.

To receive an intake form, please contact


  • Standard training in groupsetting =  € 370 / 9 sessions (incl. 21% VAT)

Participants will receive the book 'Mindful Eating. A guide to a joyous relationship with food',
written by J. Bays, including Meditation audio downloads and many relevant handouts.

  • Individual Mindful Eating training

More information and fees, see Private Sessions

Mindful Eating training should be given by trainers meeting the criteria and following the codes of conduct set for Mindfulness trainers.
A reference list with Mindful Eating trainers is available on request.