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MeNu - Centre for Mindful eating and Nutrition


I. J. -Brussels 
"I took Caroline's Mindful Eating course in autumn 2012 and I can recommend it to anyone wanting to change the way you eat. 
My initial reason to start this journey was to loose weight and keep it off. Before joining Caroline's course I did go and see a dietitian for some guidelines about WHAT. Caroline's course was just the thing I needed to become more conscious about WHEN and WHY I eat.
There I also learned that a perfect weight or body size wouldn't bring me true happiness.
Controlling my weight was just another way to avoid the real issues. 
Caroline has a way to combine her expertise with a great personality, someone you can trust to guide you through this exciting (and sometimes scary) proces towards mindful eating and unconditional acceptance.
My weight is no longer the focus of attention, Caroline has given me insights into my relationship with food that gives me the power to ENJOY FOOD FULLY and take care of myself because I FEEL WORTHY!” 

A.VG. - Ghent
"For a long time I have been concerned about my weight, what I should or shouldn’t eat and the number of calories that food contains.
As this had no lasting results, I started looking for the causes of my eating problem.
The eight week Mindful Eating course was an instructive period in which I discovered more about my eating habits than I had in the last twenty years.
Thanks to the many insights I now realise where my problems are, which makes it far easier to stay motivated to change my eating habits."

M.D - Brussels
"Since the training I have been able to listen better to signals from my body saying that I was hungry or full.
I’m more mindful of how, when, where, what and why I eat.
I’ve learned to enjoy eating without always feeling guilty.”

The Mindful eating training is for everyone who wish to explore his or her relationship with food, eating and body image.
Meditation experience is not required.