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MeNu - Centre for Mindful eating and Nutrition

Articles and webinars about Mindful eating and centre MeNu

Mindful Eating-Conscious Living Blog
Articles written by Jan Chozen Bays, Char Wilkins, Caroline Baerten and many others 

The Center for Mindful Eating.  (English version)

  • From the Taste of Food tot the Food of our Memories. September 2014  Audio - Online
  • Mindfulness and Compassion: Two Wings of a Bird. March 2015  Audio - Online 
  • Food, Sustainability and the Role of Mindfulness, May 2015  Audio -Online
  • Touch Hunger, and How it Affects Our Eating Behavior, September 2015  Audio - Online
  • Shame. The Soul Eating Emotion, May 2016  Audio - Online
  • Introducing Mindful Eating to Your Clients with Anorexia, August 29, 2016  Audio - Online

  • How to Improve Your Mindful Eating Teacher Competencies, January 8, 2018  Audio - Online

  • Mindful Eating as a Spiritual Practice, February 19, 2018  Audio - Online

Colruyt Academy.
Presentation Mindful eating (Dutch version)

The Center for Mindful Eating. Food for Thought Magazine. (English version)
Taste: The Magic of Taste - Summer 2014    
Anxiety & Food - Autumn 2014    
Your Anxiety Is Killing Your Appetite - May 2015
Self-Compassion - Winter 2015   
Food, Sustainability and the role of Mindfulness - Spring 2015 

Eating Disorders and Mindful Eating Summer 2016   

Bouncing Back from Body Shame Summer 2017   

Starting your Mindful Eating Journey Winter 2017    

Mindful Eating as a Spiritual Practice Winter 2018    

Food Justice and Mindful Eating  Winter 2018  pdf


Articles in Dutch and French

Goed Gevoel. Pocket Slank en Fit. Denk na over hoe én waarom je eet. Januari 2012.

Bodytalk. Mindful eten, beter dan diëten. April 2012

Equilibre. Manger en Pleine Conscience, Faire de chaque bouchée. April 2012 

Brussel Deze Week. De verboden vrucht bestaat niet. Maart 2012 

Knack. Diëten zonder calorieën te tellen. Juni 2012 

Psychologies. Mindful eten. Oktober 2012  

S Magazine. Mindful Eating. Maart 2013   

Psychologies. Mindful door het leven, Juni 2014    

Feeling. Bij de vegetarische chef thuis, Augustus 2014    

Feeling. Mindful eten, wéét wat je eet, Oktober 2014